Do you provide free estimates?

We provide free in-home estimates as long as you are in our service area. We cover Central Texas and into San Antonio, as well as surrounding areas. Outside this area, we will require a small trip charge which can be waived with your purchase.

What is the warranty on your shutters?

Southern Shutters Shades & Blinds has a limited lifetime warranty that covers structural flaws and warping of components. It also covers the installation itself.

Where can I see examples of the shutters?

You can see representations of the products we provide, as well as the quality of our installation, in our beautiful showroom located in Georgetown, Texas.  The showroom is open 6 days a week.  Additionally, the model homes of many of the master planned communities in the Austin area have our shutters on display.  With over twenty years in business, we can also provide you with plenty of referrals in your area.

Can you match my paint?

Yes!  Southern Shutters will use any paint or stain that the customer specifies, regardless of brand or formula. If that information is not available, we will custom-match the paint or stain, providing you with an actual sample of your paint or stain for your approval. No shutters are finished until you see and approve that sample.

What kind of wood do you use?

We use North American Basswood for its proven stability. All wood species used in manufacturing today have both good and bad qualities. Any of them, if properly processed, can be an excellent choice for shutters. The characteristics of North American Basswood have met our high standards in taking a beautiful finish and providing excellent durability to satisfy our client’s needs.

Why does it take so long to build the shutters?

We take pride in our reputation for providing superior shutters.  Due to the high local demand for quality shutters and the time required to build each one with an eye for quality, we have a limit as to how many we can build in a week or a month. When demand exceeds our weekly or monthly capacity, we get a backlog. The nice thing about our system is that we are utilizing any extra time we have to insure that when the job is done, it is done right!

How long do shutters take to install?

Most installations are completed in one day, however, it depends on the size of the order and a very small percent will take 2 days.  Southern Shutters Shades & Blinds installers are employees instead of subcontractors.  The installers are paid by the hour and not the job in order to insure they install the job properly without rushing on to the next one.

Why do I care that they are made locally?

Being local, we have access to the same materials you and your builder have access to. We use the same paint or stain your builder used. We match the trim used throughout your house.  If you have a problem, our factory is just outside of Austin in Manor.

Locally manufactured also means that the 35+ people you are employing are spending their wages locally, thus helping central Texas prosper.

What is the maximum width of a shutter panel?

 We will build panels up to 48" wide.  We guarantee the structural stability of the shutter. However, any shutter over 36" wide will be supported by rubber bumpons (1/8“ tall rubber feet) made by 3M.  The evolution of plantation shutters seems to be bigger and more open (Fewer visual obstructions), and we are doing whatever we can to give you what you want and ensure that it will last.

What type of maintenance should I expect?

We don't make paint or clear coat.   We do, however, use the highest quality paints and clear coats.  Maintenance would be the same for your shutters as it is for your window sills. Typical maintenance is occasional. Lamb's wool dusters work very well for dusting.  Once a year, you may need to use a damp cloth. Otherwise, our shutters are built to last a lifetime.

Is the factory open to the public?

We are very proud of our factory, our products, and the entire Southern Shutters family.  We always invite anyone to come to our beautiful showroom, but our factory is the heart and soul of who we are. Please visit us in Manor if you get a chance.  See the rich heritage and pride that makes our shutters unique to central Texas.  Local manufacturing is always a struggle. Most jobs these days are exported.  Come visit us to see why it is worth buying local. We don't have a dedicated tour guide, so call ahead when you plan to visit and we will make sure Mark will be there.  He is always happy to show off his factory.

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