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Light Control with Shutters form Southern Shutters and Blinds

May 28, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-496447633Window treatments don’t only add beauty and complete a room’s décor. They can also help illuminate a room that is too dark or help block out intense sun light that can lead to faded furniture and flooring. In an office, window treatments can alleviate glare on computer and television screens. One of the best choices for light control in any room of your home is wood shutters. Southern Shutters & Blinds in Georgetown, TX, offers a variety of wood shutters that will help manage light within your overall decorative plan.

Daylighting is the buzzword that’s used nowadays when talking about controlling and using sunlight to the best decorative and energy advantage for your home. Wood shutters are attractive in and of themselves, so they not only enhance the look of a room, they can also make the view beyond your windows more attractive. (Or if necessary, of course, they hide unappealing views, too, as well as provide the privacy that you and your family want.) You can save energy when you use sunlight to illuminate a room rather than artificial light. And sunlight can also be a source of heat for your home during the winter months, or you can block sun during the summer months to reduce electricity bills.

Regulating Sunlight for a Beautiful Room

When you want to manage the sunlight that filters into a room through windows, you need to consider:

  • The size of the room’s windows
  • The direction they face
  • The landscape that surrounds your home

Obviously, a room with large windows will have different light control requirements than a room with smaller windows. Likewise, a room with a southern exposure will receive different light throughout the seasons than a room with a northern exposure. And whether or not your home is surrounded by shade trees will also be a consideration. Shutters can help you control the quality of light in any room. You can open the shutters fully to allow the maximum amount of light in, or you can adjust the tilting louvers to filter in less light. Shutters are among some of the more versatile window treatments if you’re looking to manage light in order to enhance the beauty and ambiance of a room in your home.

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If you’d like to learn more about how shutters can control sunlight in your home, then call Southern Shutters & Blinds today to schedule a FREE In-Home Personal Design SessionSouthern Shutters and Blinds proudly serves customers throughout Georgetown and Manor, TX, Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, Round Rock, Liberty Hill, and the surrounding communities.

The Advantages of Wood Blinds from Southern Shutters and Blinds

April 28, 2015

Plant in front of blinds

If you’re looking to change the ambiance of any room in your home, then consider wood blinds. With a natural tone and smooth, rich texture, wood blinds bring sophistication with just the right amount of casual comfort. Southern Shutters & Blinds in Georgetown, TX, offers an affordable selection of wood blinds so you can enjoy all of the advantages that these attractive window coverings offer.

Wood Blinds for Beauty

Wood blinds bring warmth and texture to a room. Whether you choose a product from the Southern Shutters & Blinds private line of 2” or 2½” wood and faux-wood blinds or one of our Hunter Douglas products, you’ll enjoy the way these blinds transform a room. If you select natural wood blinds, then a stain can be applied to the blinds’ surface that will enhance the grain of the wood. And if you choose painted wood blinds, then you’ll have the strength, durability and thickness of wood with a color that complements the décor of your room.

Wood Blinds for Privacy

Another advantage of wood blinds is the degree of privacy they offer. To an extent, all blinds obscure the view into a room from the outside when the blinds are closed. But because they are made of a solid product and tend to be of thicker construction, wood blinds completely block the exterior view, so you and your family can enjoy the comfort and security of visual privacy.

Long-lasting Appeal

Wood blinds are designed to last with a minimum of care. Maintaining wood blinds is simple; they only require dusting and an occasional cleaning with a soft cloth and a light cleanser. Wood blinds will give you years of enjoyment.

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If you’d like to learn more about how wood blinds can transform a room in your home, then call Southern Shutters & Blinds today to schedule a FREE In-Home Personal Design Session. Southern Shutters and Blinds proudly serves customers throughout Georgetown and Manor, TX, Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, Round Rock, Liberty Hill, and the surrounding communities.

Upgrade Your Texas Living Space with New Custom Interior Shutters

January 17, 2015

Looking for a unique way to reinvent a room? Get new custom interior shutters. No other window treatment is as traditionally arresting as interior shutters. Their decorative appeal is a clear indication of a purposely fashioned interior design scheme. Modern interior shutters are classically American and can be utilized to beautify any style sensibility. Whether your home is modern, traditional, or contemporary, new custom interior shutters can be fabricated to compliment your décor. To discover why we’re the trusted resource for new custom interior shutters in Texas, contact us to schedule your free in-home interior shutters consultation today. Southern Shutters and Blinds is a full service window treatment manufacturer and installer, now proudly servicing happy customers throughout Georgetown and Manor, TX, Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, Round Rock, Liberty Hill, and the surrounding communities.

Why Choose Custom Interior Shutters?

Custom interior shutters provide the most light control, privacy, and protection against the elements. They make a powerful statement and their clean lines and rich textures can beautifully frame your outside view. Our custom interior shutters are available in a wide variety of frames, louver and sla115526824t sizes, and specialty shapes to match the unique décor of every room in your home.

  • Custom interior shutters can add drama and refinement to any room
  • Their insulating design can also help lower energy bills year round
  • Custom interior shutters provide a heightened sense of sophistication and enduring style
  • Custom interior shutters are available in a variety of stains and finishes, to be custom color-matched to coordinate with your existing furnishings
  • Custom interior shutters are easy to operate and designed without cords, making them a safer option for parents

Texas Quality Custom Interior Shutters

Custom interior shutters can add an aura of refinement to any room. Upgrade your home by scheduling a free in-home consultation with our experienced custom interior shutters team today. Southern Shutters and Blinds proudly serve families throughout Georgetown and Manor, TX, Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, Round Rock, Liberty Hill, and nearby areas.

Interior Design Advice: Choosing Between Blinds and Shades

November 17, 2014

166628956Changing your window treatment is a fast and efficient way to completely update the look and feel of a room. Shades and blinds are both simple and attractive ways to cover your windows. They also come in a variety of styles. But how do you know if shades or blinds will work best in your home? The helpful and experienced staff of Southern Shutters and Blinds can help you find the perfect window treatment solution. You can schedule a free in-home consultation today to get started. Southern Shutters and Blinds is conveniently located in Georgetown and Manor, TX with satisfied customers located throughout Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, Round Rock, Manor and Liberty Hill.


Blinds are hard window coverings, made of individual slats or vanes, which tumble down or across the blind.  The slats are controlled by a manual pull cord. They may be closed tightly for privacy, or adjusted to allow you to control the amount of light needed. Blinds can come in a variety of forms including wood, faux wood, woven wood, mini-blinds, and vertical blinds. They are usually made from wood, metal, a composite or woven grass, or bamboo. Most windows should be covered by horizontal blinds. Vertical blinds are best used to cover extremely large windows and patio doors. Blinds are best suited for rooms with strong architectural features like high ceilings, columns, and beams.


Shades are soft window coverings made from a continuous roll of material. They stack neatly at the top of the window. Shades are typically drawn up and down by cords or rolled up with a spring device. Unlike blinds, the fabric and feeling of a shade is flexible and flowing. Although shades can’t be adjusted for lighting, they do come in a range of opacity to accommodate light preferences. Popular varieties include Roman shades, roller shades, and cellular shades. Shades are best suited for layered and intimate spaces. If you prefer either a minimum or maximum amount of light, you can choose between sheer shades and blackout shades.

  • Cellular shades are most popular because they are made of tiny pockets that trap hot and cold air creating an energy efficient source for your home.
  • Roller shades are the standard economical shades that simply roll up and down.
  • Roman shades are made of more elaborate and elegant fabrics which create soft horizontal folds down the window as they are lowered. Roman Shades are a decorative alternative to traditional drapery.

Find Quality Custom Blinds and Shades in Austin, TX

Southern Shutters and Blinds offers a variety of wood and faux blinds, and an assortment of shades with different fabrics and functions. You can schedule a free in-home personal design session with an experienced consultant today. Southern Shutters and Blinds is conveniently located in Georgetown and Manor, TX with clients throughout Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, Round Rock, Manor and Liberty Hill.

Instantly Improve Your Curb Appeal with New Exterior Shutters

October 17, 2014

78778418New exterior shutters can make a huge difference in beautifying your home’s façade.  They were once only a functional part of homes used to protect the windows from rain and wind. Nowadays they serve a more decorative purpose. The best exterior shutters are made from wood. Wooden exterior shutters are durable, attractive, and insect resistant. They represent tradition and authenticity.  Exterior shutters can come in almost any color, shape or style. If historical accuracy is important to you then wood shutters are your only option. Call or come by Southern Shutters & Blinds for an exterior shutters consultation. Southern Shutters & Blinds exterior shutters are made from the highest quality western red cedar and can be custom painted or stained to achieve any color effect. Southern Shutters and Blinds is conveniently located in Georgetown and Manor, TX with satisfied customers throughout Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, Round Rock, Manor and Liberty Hill.

Exterior Shutter Choices

For the best visual effect, you should try to maintain color contrast between your house and your exterior shutters. For a bolder look, black shutters on a light or neutral colored house works great. You could also take the base color of your house and use a darker shade of that color for the shutters. Exterior shutter styles include:

  • Fixed Louver (slatted) – Louvered, or slatted shutters, enhance traditional-style homes. Louvered Window Shutters offer tasteful signature styling and a timeless accent. They can bring a graceful and enduring beauty to the exterior of your home.
  • Board and Batten- Board and batten shutters look best on cottage, French country and rustic style houses. They’re rumored to be the first style of shutter invented. The vertical components are the boards and the horizontal components are the battens. This classic style is perfect for ranch style homes or homes that reflect historical significance and simplicity.
  • Raised Panel- These shutters complement most traditional home styles as well. They add to a traditional colonial look. They’re an ideal enhancement to federal manor homes, traditional colonial homes and quaint craft cottages.
  • Bahama- Bermuda or Bahama style shutters are perfect for achieving a tropical or island effect. These tropically-inspired shutters are hinged on the top. They consist of one louvered panel held out at an angle from the bottom.

Exterior Shutters in Austin, TX

Southern Shutters and Blinds has the only start-to-finish shutter manufacturing facility in central Texas. If quality exterior shutters and good customer service are important to you, call or come by Southern Shutters & Blinds for a free consultation today. Southern Shutters and Blinds proudly serve customers throughout Georgetown, Manor, Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, Round Rock, Manor and Liberty Hill, TX.

Take Advantage of Our Free In-Home Consultation!

August 22, 2014

469630077When you are trying to decipher how you want to remodel your home, there is no doubt you will have many questions and concerns as to how certain things will look. When it comes to your window treatment, you may be wanting to make a bold statement or a subtle one, and you may need help figuring out exactly what will go with the aesthetic of your home. Thankfully, the people at Southern Shutters are able to offer a free in-home consultation in order to ease your mind and guide you through your new look.

When you are looking to rejuvenate your window treatments, we have a wide variety to choose from. Our comprehensive menu of shutters, blinds, and shades will be able to achieve the perfect look for your home, all the while being efficient and productive. Our shutters are fully customizable to match the colors of stains, have endless paint options, and will install them quickly and professionally. We also have hardware to match! We also offer Hunter Douglas window blinds, which have been producing quality products for over 60 years.

Our Madico window films are known for being energy efficient, safe, and adding to the appearance of your home. If you are curious as to how certain treatments look, we have our showcase to give you a better idea. If you would like to take advantage of our free in-home consultation, contact us today!

If you have any questions and would like an answer, please come to Southern Shutters & Blinds to speak with one of our team members. We have locations in Georgetown and Manor, and we are happy to help customers from San Antonio, Georgetown, Austin, Round Rock, Manor, Liberty Hill, and beyond.

Save Money on Heating with Llumar Window Film

November 26, 2013

ThermostatAs December approaches, temperatures are starting to drop all across Texas.  That means it’s time to turn on the heat.

Running the heat comes with a price, though—literally. You need it to stay warm, but surely there’s something you can do to keep your bills down.

The answer is yes, there’s plenty you can do. Something as simple as turning off the lights when you’re not using them can help you save on energy bills. So can lowering the blinds and curtains over your windows, and reversing the direction of ceiling fans to push heat down, away from the ceiling.

But if you’ve tried a range of other great tips like these, there’s still something else to consider: Llumar window film. Using Llumar’s special window film can help you save anywhere from 5 to 15% on your energy costs every year. That goes for the hottest months of the summer just as easily as it does for the coldest months of winter.

Llumar is one of the many products we offer at our Georgetown and Manor locations. Using it can help you save money on what you spend on heating and cooling every year.

Do you want to talk to someone about Llumar window film and how it can help you? Our two locations serve customers from Round Rock, Leander, Cedar Park, Marble Falls, and surrounding communities near Austin and San Antonio.