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How Window Shutters Insulate Your House

June 14, 2022

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window shutters in a breakfast nook keeping the house regulated

After a long day at work, you walk to the mailbox and begin examining your mail. You open up your energy bill only to be shocked and disgusted by the amount. You know you can turn off lights and take colder showers to save a little here and there, but with a bill totaling hundreds of dollars, you wonder how you can possibly make a dent during the hot summer and cold winter. Did you know that interior window shutters in Austin can help you save on your energy costs by providing insulation? Read on to learn how these design elements can also have an impact on your monthly energy bill.

Blocking Sunlight for Cooler Summers

During the beautiful spring and summer, you may want to let in some natural light, but too much sun can be harmful for your house. Not only can its destructive ultra-violet rays degrade your furniture and flooring over time, but it also transmits heat through your windows into every room. In the end, you pay the price as your air conditioner works overtime to try to keep your house at the ideal temperature.

Shutters block the warming sunlight, stopping the heat from entering the house in the first place. By adjusting the louvers at different angles, the shutters allow different amount of sunlight to come into the room, while wood shutter blades absorb much of the heat. This feature will let you control how much heat will pass through the windows. Shutters can cut heat transfer by as much as 50 percent!  

Blinds and shades may block out sunlight too, but they have gaps and spaces on the sides that allow heat to transfer. Southern Shutters are built for each window and cover the full opening, stopping the most sun possible. Shutters should be considered if you wish to stay cool at a lower cost, particularly if they are east or west facing windows.

Keeping Warmth in

Your energy needs will change as the weather changes with every season. Instead of preventing the overwhelming heat from invading your home, during the winter months, you’ll want to keep the heat from escaping. Fortunately, shutters can help you save money on your energy bills even during the colder months of the year. In fact, properly fitting and closed shutters can reduce heat loss by up to 30 percent! Without putting your heater into overdrive, and raising your bill, shutters are perfectly engineered to help insulate your house to remain toasty warm.

Whether you’re enduring the blazing heat or trying to stay warm through the frigid cold, shutters are an easy way to keep your home’s interior climate where you want it to be, and it’s an easy way to see your energy bill decrease.

About Southern Shutters

Since opening our doors in 1993, Southern Shutters has provided top-quality products for interior window shutters. In addition to our dedicated fabrication and installation team, our paint department guarantees a paint color match. Your shutters will not only help regulate the temperature in the house, helping you save money on your energy costs, but look amazing too! To learn more about how we can improve your home, contact Southern Shutters through our website!

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