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Cordless Blinds in Austin Are Child-Safe!

November 4, 2018

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It goes without saying that you, like most, want to keep your family safe from hazards around the house. To that end, you may have invested in a cube to store your knives or child-safe locks to keep your little ones out of the lowest pantries. But if you are ignoring those cords dangling from your blinds, you are forgetting about one big risk. Keep reading to learn about the danger posed by those stray cords, and how cordless blinds in Austin can help you childproof (and trip-proof!) your home.

Potential Issues with Corded Blinds

There are a number of things that could go wrong with blinds that leave strings dangling on the floor or right above it. They can be tempting for little ones to yank on or use as toys (like a jump rope). This type of misuse can certainly lead to a broken blind or, much worse, an injury to your child. Having cords all over the place also increases the chances that someone will trip and fall, introducing a potentially fatal threat into your home. The level of risk depends on where the cords are located and just how far they can reach.

Of course, there are other disadvantages to having big strings dangling from your window treatments. Even if you are not especially concerned about the safety risk of corded blinds, you may still wish for a more visually-pleasing alternative to knotted cords. Fortunately, cordless blinds are affordable and easy to acquire.

Cordless Blinds Are Kid-Friendly and Trip-Proof

Most cordless blinds come with a convenient remote control to allow you to raise and lower them as you wish. There are a number of advantages associated with cordless blinds. Homeowners may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Remove tripping, choking, or other safety hazards from your home
  • Preserve the function of the blind for the long-haul — cordless blinds are less likely to break due to misuse
  • Enjoy a more sleek look overall, without a twisted or knotted cord dangling down the side of the blinds
  • Update the appearance of your home altogether with more modern window fixtures

Which one of these benefits would you and your family enjoy most?

Where to Find Cordless Blinds

At Southern Shutters Shades and Blinds, we are pleased to offer cordless blinds among our line of high-quality window treatments. We are also offering a New Blind Special! If you are concerned about the look or function of your corded blinds, or if you would just like to start off your new home with cordless blinds, do not hesitate to contact one of our convenient locations. We look forward to hearing from you and setting you up with custom blinds in Austin!

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